Managing Github enterprise licenses

Hi. I’d like to know if there is a way to view Github license usage for an enterprise, with a view to remove access for those who don’t actively require a license.
I work for a large client whose employees change role frequently, and are involved in activities which for a short time may require a Github license but shortly after they stop using Github and someone else in the team becomes responsible.
This results in a large number of licenses that are allocated but unused.
What’s the best way examine the usage of licenses allocated to users, and identify the inactive ones?

Hi @SinaJazayeriCap welcome to the community

If you are an enterprise account user this new beta functionality may help identify users who are dormant and can be removed dormant user report.

There is also a feature to export information about members in your organization at this page exporting-member-information-for-your-organization. I am told this member export which includes a field last_active represents last activity across all of not just your enterprise organization.

Many thanks @byrneh - I’ll pass on this information it does sound like it is exactly what we need, many thanks.

We have this issue and use an AD group to control access (I let anyone in the company add themselves to the AD group so I don’t get bombarded by access requests). In the management console setting page, under Authentication there is
Restricted user groups Only users in these groups will be able to sign in. (GitHub Users, software-developers, etc)
This automatically handles the case where people leave the company etc. Those infrequent users that end up dormant can be easily detected with a script and removed from the AD group.

One thing I did find was there is a common use case for testers that caught me out. They are often listed as dormant because they never commit but they need a license to be able to pull the code they are testing from private repos. I got the script to scan the log files to see if they interact with the server at all but it is slow.

There is another issue which is you also have an Enterprise area of that some teams use exclusively. These users too will be listed as dormant if you only look at your Enterprise server. I could not work out anything better than adding these accounts to their own special list that I don’t clean up automatically.

Another thing is to use the Enterprise user count rather than your Enterprise server count. You need to connect the 2 systems then I use GraphQL to get my actual total license count from Before that I was only getting the Enterprise server count and ran out of licenses on even though my monitoring said I had ~20 remaining.