Making static websites with gh pages

Hi, I am wondering if Github pages is the right place to make a catalogue sort of site. What I am trying to do is

  • create a site with a big database example:

    name:“San Francisco 49ers”,
    colors: ["#aa0000", “#b3995d”],
    abrv: “SF”

          name:"Seattle Seahawks",
          colors: ["#002244", "#a5acaf", "#69be28"],
          abrv: "SEA"
  • have a Gallery page that displays each entry with a thumbnails and a title.

  • and each entry in that gallery will link to it’s own special page that will display more info

This image should explain what I am trying to create, it’s hard to put into words…

It is possible to generate all kinds of static websites from databases of many formats using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. What you’re describing in the image, however, would likely require a non-trivial investment of time to develop custom code to do the translation from database to web pages. Unfortunately, it is impossible to estimate exactly how much effort that would be.

Let us know if you have more questions.