Making code scanning results public

We’re very happy with the integrated code scanning results, but we’d like them to be public so that anyone can see and work on them. We’re not concerned that this is a security risk. Is there a way to make this possible?

Hi @samth welcome to the community and thanks for testing out Code Scanning during the Beta. I’m thinking you should be able to this programmatically using this API endpoint. I’m tagging your post on our codespaces board as the folks there might have more insight!

I hope this helps!

Unfortunately, those API endpoints require the same authorization that viewing the web page requires. What I want is to make them publicly accessible.

Also, I don’t understand the connection to codespaces – this is only about code scanning.

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My mistake you are absolutely right no relation! Back to how to use git and GitHub board. I’ll dig in a little deeper here and see if I can help. Thanks for your patience!