Makes changes to branch -> don't commit -> stash changes instead -> checkout diff branch -> apply stash overwriting everything?

How I do this:

  • I’m on branch X
  • I make changes (including adding and removing files)
  • don’t commit these changes to branch X
  • stash changes
  • checkout branch master
  • apply stash so that everything look like the stash

How to resolve all conflicts with one command so that master looks identical to the stash without having to review file by file?

I tried something using theirs and the app didn’t work after. I had to recover my stash. I was fortunately able to recover it but when I recovered it it got applied as a commit to branch X.

Hi there!

Your question is quite broad, which makes it difficult to give adequate assistance here.
I suggest taking a look at the following resources. If after going through them, you have a specific question to ask , please come back and let us know.

I hope these help get you going.