Make the wiki searchable

We have an open-source project of a hospital management information system. We are developing the user manual, developer documentation and other documents as a github wiki. It is not possible to search the content of the wiki. Can you make the wiki more user-friendly so that the consumers of the solutions we develop can easily visit and search documents like User Manual?

You can search the wiki by using the search box on any of the pages belonging to the repository. It will find results in the entire repository and you can select the wiki results only by click the Wiki tab in the left bar:

Let me know if you have more questions.

When I am browsing a GitHub Wiki, I would like Wiki search results selected by default. It’s confusing to be looking at the Wiki, perform a search, and not see Wiki results unless I click the fourth or fifth tab down in the left sidebar.

That should be the default generally, in my opinion. If I’m looking at issues, I probably want to see issue search results first. If I’m looking at code, I probably want to see code results first, and so on.


@mooninaut - I couldn’t agree more. Getting to the wiki search results is not user friendly.

As a workaround create a custom right sidebar. Then add a Search link like this: [Search](

Also here’s another search issue - Bug: Wiki Search Results Showing Deleted Pages