Make the login page more user friendly (tabbing should move from username to password)

At the moment, the “Forgot password?” link sits on top of the “Username” field. This has the unpleasant effect that pressing [Tab] after entering the username focuses the “Forgot password?” link instead of the “Password” field.

So it always happens to me that I enter my username, press [Tab], enter my password, press [Enter], then look back at the screen only to find out that now I’m prompted to enter my email address so I can reset my password. After a few seconds I realize what happened and I press the back button to start over.

Actually I don’t mind where the “Forgot password?” link sits, but in my opinion tabbing should always take you from the Username field to the Password field. It’s very common to type Username [Tab] Password [Enter].


This is a good idea and very simple to implement for GitHub

Hi @Dominik1123 welcome to the GitHub Community - a few months late, I know! Thank you for your feedback on the login box tab order. We’ve since fixed this, and the tab order moves from username to password now! If you’re still seeing tabs not follow logical order, please let us know.

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