Make the Github Release Button more apparent

First of all, I have no qualms with the new UI design and even find it aesthetic and on par with current design standards.

But as someone who distributes through github releases, I would want the github release button to be the most apparent thing on my github repo page.

Today I spent about 3 minutes searching for the releases button, only to find it hidden in the right side panel. I am worried that those who are not so technical would have a hard time aswell and could lead to a negative impact.

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Thank you for reopening the issue.

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Just saw your I agreed with you on the subject.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I’m trying to find new releases of a certain open source software I need. Just like you it took me minutes to notice that releases is on the right side of code page.

It’s hard to find releases if you are not on the code page as if in issues or wiki page. I recommend move releases back to top menu bar.

right, and if that’s not possible, color the background green or something for those repositories with releases so its more apparent.