Make public gists "private"

I have tried to search several times but must miss some posts, because I can’t think there is no topic about this… (And my sincere apologies for double posting about it)

There is some information that the feature to make public gists “private” was removed due to being misleading.

Well there is many that want to have the “unlist” or “remove public link” feature back.

If the issue is the name, then I guess private is the issue in itself, since it is not private as soon as you have shared the link to a gist?


The reason is that all gists are public. “Private” gists are essentially the same as a public one. If you have the URL there is no auth. Once its public someone may have it, you need to delete and create it as private. If it’s really sensitive I would not store it as a gist at all.

I agree, but then why do we have “private” gists in the first place? If I post that URL anywhere it is not private any more, so that must also be “fixed”.

Again the request is to have “unlist” option to not show up in the list of gists on “my page”

I assume that’s why they’re not called “private”: They are not, just non-obvious. Though I agree the official “secret” is a rather strong term for that. :sweat_smile: