Make profile into organization

I made a github account for my research lab. However, it seems to be an account instead of an organization. How to I make this github account (stanford-health) into an organization?

A user account can be transformed into an organization via the Organizations page in your account settings: at the bottom of the page you’ll find “turn Stanford-Health into an organization”. More information is available in the docs, “Converting a user into an organization”.

There are a bunch of caveats though (as described in the documentation) so you may find it preferable to keep your account and create a new Organization instead, and then transfer the username Stanford-Health from your current account to the new Organization.

If you’d like to do this, you can do the following:

  1. Go to your Settings > Account, click “Change username” and choose a new username, e.g: Stanford-Admin
  2. Visit New Organization and enter “Stanford-Health” as the “Organization account name”
  3. Enter your contact email and choose who the Organization belongs to
  4. Done – you now have an account and an Organization

The final step is to transfer the repository from your account to the Organization by going to Settings > (scroll down to the “Danger Zone”) “Transfer Ownership”.