Make GitHub Repo A Full-Pledge Blogging Site

Hi there. I already posted this one here:

I will just want to repeat this idea. Why not make a repo have the option to be a full blogging site? Where there are comments below the README file and there are reactions buttons and page views. Now, when it is deployed on GitHub Pages, all the comments and reactions will be included. (Others are actually doing this but using another external program). This way, others will use GitHub for non-code. GitHub itself encourages that, isn’t it?

Now, if ever the repo is purely a software project, the blogging feature can simply be turned off. This way, it will be purely for that purpose.

The GitHub Gist is almost a full blogging site where when you create a gist, others can comment below and with reactions buttons also, the only thing left is that it cannot be deployed as a site on GitHub Pages. So, others consider this a mini-blogging site.

Hoping that you will be adding this feature. Thanks.