Make github pages great again,Only one line of code!💖

Usually we will use github pages to make a blog.

If documents are involved, we will generally consider sphinx and readthedocs again, but the document writing in the rst format is really difficult to grasp, even though sphinx supports markdown.

Article management is also very difficult. In view of this combined with github pages, I made a jekyll document theme

As follows:

What are the advantages?

  • Write documents directly, automatically generate toctree based on directory, like docsify
  • Github pages native support (build and release quickly and quickly)
  • Abandon rst format documents
  • Do not consider how the sidebar is generated (automatically generated according to the file directory)
  • This theme is beautiful
  • Only one file is needed to complete the deployment, seo outstanding!

Only one line of code,What do you think?

remote_theme: rundocs/jekyll-rtd-theme



Latest update

  • Write documents directly, automatically generate toctree based on directory
  • Only need one file _config.yml to configure site
  • Bundled as a “theme gem” for easier installation/upgrading.
  • Compatible with GitHub Pages.
  • Optimized for search engines with support for Open Graph data.
  • Optimized for search engines with robots.txt and sitemap.xml .
  • Search engine (RegExp supported)
  • Commenting support
  • Google,Baidu,CNZZ Analytics support.
  • Multi-language supported
  • And many features waiting for you to discover.

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