Make dark mode toggle-able from top right menu

I frequently toggle dark mode on and off depending on how my eyes are feeling. The existing UX for toggling this feature requires:

  1. Clicking on the menu in the top right
  2. Clicking on “Settings”
  3. Clicking on “Appearance”
  4. Clicking on your desired theme

It would be awesome if GitHub would consider making this toggle something immediately accessible in the menu in the top right so that users do not have to navigate through their settings in order to change this.

An example of what I mean is how Facebook or Youtube implement this feature. You are able to immediately toggle this from the top right menu on both websites, which is very convenient.


I have to disagree with this. Most if not all users are going to stay with the default option of “use system preference”, and those who for whatever reason want to override the default value are only going to do it once so it doesn’t make sense to add clutter to the UI by adding a permanent toggle where it is not needed.

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I agree with @chrishenzie, a dedicated button should be available from the menu to toggle between light mode and the selected (currently dark or dark dimmed) dark mode.

Previously there were a toggle switch at the profile page, but it has vanished.

Absolutely agree with @chrishenzie.