Make dark mode adjustable

First of all, thank you very much for the dark mode. Switching to GitHub from the editor was always painful for the eyes.
I saw many people complaining about the too high contrast, but we were struggling to use dark mode in our office because it’s difficult to do code reviews. The contrast is too low.
I used a plugin to chrome Amino to adjust the contrast, and we use dark mode now!
Making colors adjustable could solve the issue of different tastes. Also, you can analyze what colors are used in common to make the theme better.
Here is our config, which could help somebody experiencing the same issue as we are.

[data-color-mode=dark], [data-color-mode=dark][data-dark-theme=dark], [data-color-mode=light][data-light-theme=dark] {
    --color-text-secondary: rgb(186, 191, 197);
    --color-underlinenav-text: rgb(186, 191, 197);
    --color-underlinenav-icon: rgb(145, 152, 161);
    --color-auto-gray-6: rgb(186, 191, 197);
    --color-diff-blob-addition-line-bg: rgba(46, 160, 67, 0.4);
    --color-diff-blob-deletion-line-bg: rgba(218, 54, 51, 0.4);
    --color-diff-blob-hunk-text: rgb(186, 191, 197);
    --color-border-primary: rgb(67, 76, 86);
    --color-border-secondary: rgb(67, 76, 86);
    --color-text-disabled: rgb(80, 88, 98);
    --color-prettylights-syntax-keyword: rgb(249, 108, 98);
    --color-prettylights-syntax-constant: rgb(77, 172, 255);
    --color-prettylights-syntax-entity: rgb(189, 128, 255);
    --color-prettylights-syntax-string: #98c379;
    --color-diff-blob-num-text: rgba(240, 246, 252, 0.4);

I just saw the dark mode on my home computer, and I see an extreme difference between my iMac display and my office Asus display. On my Mac, the contrast is too high when on my office display I can’t read text with small letters because of a lack of the contrast :astonished:

Thank you!
The dark mode is too dark for me, was about to write a chrome extension, but Amino is looking great.