Magento - 2.1.11 update- discount codes


My developers have updated my ecommerce store to Magento 2.1.11 and now discount codes don’t seem to work. The developers don’t believe it is because of the update, but it seems to be exactly teh right timing.

Can anyone help? Firstly would an update cause discount codes to stop working and secondly how can I get my developers to resolve it.

Many thanks


  1. Why did you create 2 topics?

  2. You come here and say “Discount codes don’t work - tell me how to fix it.” You will need to give us a lot more information about what is going wrong.

Hi Mark

Sorry didn’t mean to create two posts, I’ve not used Github before. 

What information would be helpful?


What is the problem? Don’t they work at checkout, while applying etc… Do you use any plugins. What did you find out yourself?

Hi Mark

It happens at cart checkout, on an Apple it says the coupon is not valid, on a PC no message happens but it just doesn’t register it.



Hi @loopsterltd thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum!

I wanted to jump in and mention that usually the best place to get support for projects hosted on GitHub is directly from the project maintainers themselves. It sounds like you may have spoken to them already (“The developers don’t believe it is because of the update…”); however, you might have better luck continuing to work with the creators of the project directly.

It’s definitely possible another GitHub user may have run into the same problem and might be able to help you, so asking the question here is totally fine! But more often than not, working with the support specifically associated with a project will yield a solution a bit quicker. Most projects will have instructions in their README’s for how to reach support or include contact information, like email addresses. 

All that said, best of luck, and I do hope another user is able to help you with this particular issue!