macOS VM failing immediately

Has anyone noticed that since approx yesterday macOS VM is giving an instant fail? In fact, anyone seeing behaviour similar to the one in this repo?


We’re experiencing the same in
Looks like whole macOS infra is down since yesterday.


I forgot to link this before, but we’re also experiencing this in our another repo here.

It looks like macOS VM is back up, so happy days!

EDIT: Alas, I was wrong. It worked for one of my repos, but clearly not for all, and not for others (see below).

Still doesn’t work for me:

For me either.

The worst thing is that there is no information about what is going on, at the moment I’m configuring my application with bitrise.

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Yep, agreed, this is the worst! I tried searching for some “Github Actions status” but to no avail unfortunately. I hope that Github will post something about this at some point, and more importantly fix this!

You guys are right, it seems it’s not fixed yet :frowning: It did work for one of my repos though (see here), but not for the ones that were failing already. Weird stuff!

Same here. I can only assume the Catalina upgrade didn’t go to plan.

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I think macOS is back up. Anyone else still experiencing any issues?