macOS Server enrolling error. The SCEP server returned an invalid response.

macOS Server enrolling error. The SCEP server returned an invalid response.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to enroll some iPads to my MDM server, but at the time of activating the remote management, the iPad warns me of the following error:

iPad error screenshot

Configuring iPad Installing configuration from “OrganizationName”

Profile Installation Failed The SCEP server returned an invalid response.

There is a connection error with the SCEP server, as indicated in the previous screenshot. Because of this connection error, I checked my organization’s Trust Certificate, which includes three certificates, and found that there is one of these, the SCEP certificate, that contains an error.

Trust certificate screenshot

The SCEP certificate (Simple Certificate Enrolling Program) does not contain the correct information (the name of the company and the DNS is wrong, and the registered email is

SCEP certificate screenshot

From this error I deduce that the information is incorrect, and that is why I’m looking for a certificate that coincided with the date of the SCEP certificate, to understand what certificate is containing the SCEP certificate. The SCEP certificate shows expiration on 12/13/2022, coinciding with the root certification entity and the intermediate certification entity, being respectively the “OrganizationName Open Directory Certificate Authority”, “OrganizationName Server Certification Authority Intermediate CA”. Although that, it seems that the certificates are updated.

Has anyone solved this issue? Thank you very much.

Well dude just reset the certificate details i think it been edited before by someone else