`macos-latest` very slow `actions/cache@v1`

I have a consistent problem with CI running on macos-latest always being very slow. E.g. this takes ~6 minutes, almost everytime my CI runs. Compared to just a second for both windows and linux. As can be seen in attached images.


@nietras ,

Recently, the GitHub-hosted macOS runners indeed have some problems that causes the jobs run on macOS runners become slow or delay.
The appropriate engineering team is continuously evaluating and investigating these problems, and they are working on mitigation measures to fix these problems.

I am also experiencing the same problem with installing dependencies.

Yarn install will take ~1min on a Linux machine but will take nearly 5 mins on a mac-latest machine.


Im seeing a similar slowdown on all of my mac os tests. One unit test runs locally on my macbook pro in 300ms, and takes 11 seconds on the macos-latest runner.