macOS-latest image requires an updated homebrew

The Homebrew package manager has had to move it’s package repository from bintray to GitHub packages. Anyone using a 10.15 runner (i.e. macos-latest ) with the default settings will be getting a version of homebrew that is apparently not updated to use the new download location (Homebrew 3.0.10 looks like). In the actions output the error is not very informative about what’s going on, users will just see curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 502 Bad Gateway . The URL itself just gives Forbidden! .

See a more complete discussion here: Bintray shuts down · Discussion #691 · Homebrew/discussions · GitHub.

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This shouldn’t be an issue anymore. The macos-10.15 runner currently comes with Homebrew 3.1.12.

Should you require the very latest version, then you can always add this as a step before you use the brew command (here using the head of the master branch):

      - name: Set up Homebrew
        uses: Homebrew/actions/setup-homebrew@master
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