macOS jobs cost the most and are the most unstable

We migrated from a private BuildBot setup to GitHub Actions for all our CI needs maybe 8 or 9 months ago. While most things work great the stability on macOS is far from great. Example:

I really don’t feel that it is reasonable for the macOS builds to cost the most (10 times more expensive than jobs running on Linux) when the stability is sub-par. And while it is possible to do most of the steps of a job on Linux it is not possible to do all steps. Code signing and notarization still has to happen on macOS. And the notarization step is usually the last one in a chain of steps. Having the last step fail due to stability issues with the service itself is down-right infuriating.

And before you say that GitHub Actions is free on public repositories I also want to point out that we have jobs depending on macOS in private repos which we can’t make public for legal reasons.


Thanks for your feedback.
I checked your logs and found it back to normal in the latest run. Can you reproduce the problem now? If so, please let me know how often this problem occurs? Regarding the issues you reported earlier, the GitHub engineering team are working on a way to resolve this issue and improve its performance. Sorry for any inconvenience.
By the way, regarding the billing for GitHub Actions, i would recommend you submit a feedback here. It is helpful for us to collect customers’ feedback and improve our products. Thanks


It happens rarely and there is no way for us to reproduce it. I do not believe this has anything to do with the steps of our workflows but rather how GitHub provisions resources.

Happy to hear that it will hopefully get better in the future!

Thanks. Will do!