macOS GitHub Action runs failing w/o access to log

Hello GitHub support community!

Lately some longer GitHub Action runs on macos-latest keep failing for no apparent reason and the log for the step that fails is not available.

See some examples here:
Failed runs 889278479, 887811952[1], and 889278479[2] in my ungoogled-chromium-macos repository[3].

In some cases a re-run finishes perfectly fine, like the failed run 885777356, which finished nicely upon re-run as #887089569[4].

So I’m guessing it might be a problem outside the Workflow (e.g. the VM crashing, network failure, etc.)

Are you aware of this already and/or do you have insights into what might be causing this?

Best regards,

PS as I can currently only include 2 hyperlinks, here’s the rest as text-references:

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Hi @kramred,

Thank you for reaching this out!

I have raised an internal ticket about this, github developing team will help to check, i will update once there’s a response.


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Hi @kramred,

Confirmed from Github:

Failed run 887811952:

| where OrchestrationId startswith "2edf9489-ad9e-4677-a210-206ada23578a"
| project SubscriptionId, PoolName,Outcome, RequestId, OrchestrationId

Machine Request Outcome: Disconnect

So we lost the runner while the job is running, that’s why we don’t have any logs.

It has been already raised as an issue and tracked internally. Root cause is same as another ticket here.