macOS builds timing out

Hi there

I’ve getting fairly consistent build timeouts when running my tests on macOS. The same tests do not timeout on Ubuntu + Windows. 

I understand it’s really hard to debug this, so i’m just wondering if this is generally a known issue with the macOS VMs? Or perhaps the issue lies more with my application code?

An example check that fails on macOS due to timeout:

Any advice would be appreciated. I’d really like to run my tests on macOS. 


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Check run is cancelled due to timeout 6hours, please refer to the link for more detail.

It’s reported that nvm is not compatible with the “PREFIX” environment variable: currently set to “/usr/local”.

Please add code ‘unset npm_config_prefix’ for your macOS section on master branch.

      - name: Build & test extension

        run: |

          unset npm_config_prefix

          npm ci

          npm run lint

          npm test 

It confirm it works on my side, hope it helps, thanks.

Hi weide-zhou

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve noticed that on some of the timeout builds, that warning is not displayed, for example:

Regardless. I will make the change and see if it makes any difference. 

The main problem i’m facing is that the timeouts are fairly consistent, but not entirely consistent. Sometimes the step passes without problems, and sometimes it gets stuck and timeouts.


Thanks for your feedback!

I found the imcompatible error in the forked repo, yes please try and check if it works. :slight_smile:

It’s recommened to enable runner diagnostic logging to check more:

  1. set the following secret in the repository that contains the workflow: ‘ACTIONS_RUNNER_DEBUG’ to true.

2. To download runner diagnostic logs, download the log archive of the workflow run. The runner diagnostic logs are contained in the runner-diagnostic-logs folder.

We can find more details about the timeout.

Hi, thanks for this, I was not aware of the runner diagnostic logging feature. I will enable the debug and see if I can spot anything. 


Hi. Just letting you know I’m getting consistent macOS builds now. Maybe it was unset npm_config_prefix after all. Thanks for your help!

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seeing this too at our macos builds. pretty annoying.