macOS-11.0 "Big Sur" builds stalling out

Hi there. I’ve been trying out the new macos-11.0 image in GHA, to build Apple Silicon -compatible wheels for the Python ecosystem. I’m running into a problem - builds are taking a very long time to start, or are just not starting at all

here’s the PR I’m trying it out on: Universal2 wheels on macOS by joerick · Pull Request #484 · joerick/cibuildwheel · GitHub

Most of the time, the PR build status shows ‘Queuing’, and then ‘Failed’. Clicking through, I just get this message: “This check failed”

It appears the VM never started at all, at least there are no logs to speak of.

Any advice on workarounds? Would it be worth reporting this to ?

+1 - I’m also seeing this on my builds. MacOS 10.15 runs fine but 11.0 just never runs and eventually shows failed.

Looks like there is already - while originally opened in May 2020 for macOS in general, the later replies seem to mention macOS 11 primarly.

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Please be aware that 11.0 is still in preview: macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) is available as a preview 🚀 · Issue #1814 · actions/virtual-environments · GitHub

Since this is a preview, some issues with the image are expected. Please, report them in this repository and we will take a look at them

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