Machine learning using Python (I think)


This is my first post here even though I ahve stalked GitHub before. I am also relatively inexperienced with coding and handling “big” data. My background is in Mechanical Engineering and my coding/data handling has mostly been done in Excel and MatLab so far, but I would like this to change as I feel I am gravitating more towards Data Engineering/Science.

I am currently working on a project where I have predefined test-cases I need to run/test and then analyse the data. My aim is to be able to identify system failures (against pre-defined criteria). Eventually I would like to be able to present statistics of the failures vs test conditions and ideally get to the point where I can anticipate failure modes, even before these happen.

In the meantime I also have quasi-infinite amounts of random data generated by systems identical to the one under test, but being used in a random manner “in the real world” (i.e. not staged scenarios). From this random data I would like to be able to identify scenarios which are similar to the staged ones as well as new ones which have not yet been identified as use-cases.

I’m guessing this would qualify as machine learning(?)

I would mostly want to use Python for this as:
a. I am keen to become more proficient with the language (my experience so far has been limited to following tutorials).
b. It is pretty much the only thing I have at my disposition.

So, my main questions at this point are:

What is possible?

Where do I start?

Are there any exisiting examples of something similar which I can look at?

Thanks for reading this. I look forwards to your feedback!

PS: I hope I am not just retierating a common question. I did have a look around the forum before posting but didn’t quite find anything similar.

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We have overlapping interests in researching failure analysis methods.

Although undoubtedly you should continue along the python route I suggest that for failure analysis you also explore R as a companion programming language.  If you download the free version of RStudio and also create a free account at shinyapp for prototyping R applications you will find multiple examples in your field of Mechanical Engineering (look at CRAN library).

[P.S.] This video (presented by author of RStudio) gives insights into R and machine learning.

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Follow up … more reading on R

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