mac-os builds fail randomly

Hi all, 

We’re experiencing problems with mac-os electron builds.

It fails randomly on different states on every other run with exit code 1.

We’ve tried to revert all changes back to it’s original, for which we’ve had a successful build and run it again, but it fails anyway. 

Nothing has been changed in the workflow file as well.

We’ve also tried to build it locally within a similar environment (mac-os 10.15.4, node 12.16.1) successfully.

Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting?


i think it’s related to the nodejs hiccup

Hi @ddramone ,

The referred link is closed, please check and confirm whether the issue is gone for your workflow. 

If it persists, please share your repo/sample repo for further investigation.


I can confirm it was related and now everything works as expected. thanks!