MAC FILTER, about filtering another person's wi-fi signal

Hello, I’m looking for a package of system developers in question. Well, I hope I have found it. Where I live, we are two families that use the same wi-fi signal, and I ended up discovering that the other family’s boy was filtering my wi-fi signal, he included the MAC numbers of the devices and my world still from my notebook " revolted when I saw it, “however, this” boy "continues to deny that it was him, knowing that only we both knew about the router’s password. With the above, in order to raise awareness, I want to prove that it was him, but my knowledge is limited, but I learn very fast. Can you find out which notebook performed this operation? If so, teach me by leaving the step-by-step. Thank you very much in advance.


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You would need to provide more information. It may be that your router keeps logs of these kind of actions but we would need to know what your networking equipment is.