Love the Dark Mode, but Currently it is Too Black

In the Dark Mode, everything is lighting.
It looks great at first, but as working with it, my eyes hurt…

So, is there an option of lower the contrast?


Disagree, this matches the dark mode of Visual Studio Code, StackOverflow, and Chrome.


You are right. It reminds me that I am actually using the dark-pro theme in my vscode editor. Not the built-in dark mode.

I too feel its too dark.


Just low down the contrast a litle bit, please

second on the monitor contrast settings. the dark theme is great
see for reference:

It is good to have the professional website.

Would love to see a “grey” mode. I find the one at devdocs perfect.

I’m in agreement. I was having some problems reading so I switched to light mode and then - YIKES, my eyes started hurting!

Twitter has two dark modes - one is less stark than the other and has a blue instead of black background, something like that would be better (for me at least).

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Totally agree. However, I feel like the word font color is not matching with the black screen, that’s why we have to force our eyes to work harder in order to see the words on screen.
For now I just use the white mode because my eyes cannot handle the Github black mode for a long time

Yes two dark modes would be greatly appreciated, one with less contrast (more of a dark grey mode). Twitter is a good example. The current one on GitHub is too dark and the text too bright, it hurts and is actually harder to read. That’s exactly what a dark mode should not be.