Lots of Read Only Collabarators for Private Repo


We are selling our work on a marketplace and want to use Github for versioning and delivering updates. 

Which plan should we buy for unknown number of read only collabarators for private repositories? 

I have checked these posts and could not find what i was looking for.





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Hi @cadday,

Thank you for being here and for your interest in GitHub. If you haven’t already, please contact us at https://enterprise.github.com/contact so we can look into that further, and provide you with accurate pricing info.



Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your answer. I have used another form 2-3 days ago and got no reply so far, so trying the forum. https://github.com/contact

Does Business Cloud provide this? We have tried with Team option but every collabarator takes a seat and that is economically unsustainable for us. 

People are providing this service very widely and for a profit of ~$15 from a user. Paying $9 or more for month to Github to get a seat does not seem logical.

Here are two examples: 



We hope that you can direct us to a solution.



People from Github help contacted and explained the situation.

Since Github changed it’s payment system from per-repository to per-user , it is not possible to have unknown number of collabs on a private repository.

I was also informed that they don’t pressure per-repository users to switch their system(which is good), i wonder why they don’t offer this to new customers. It would be a good thing to be able to buy what is already available. 

If you have a similar need, best thing to do is have a developer account and create a private repo. You may invite unpaid users to your repo without a limitation. You will not be able to define permissions on user level though.