Lost the arctic vault badge after accidentally deleting email

I had the arctic vault badge on my profile based on multiple contributions. here’re 2 of them

After accidentally deleting the email that has my contributions, I added it back and checked my profile page again and the badge is gone. Is there a way to get it back?

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maybe you have the same problem

he said:

“I just re-added the email that is linked to the Arctic Code Vault Program, and the badge re-appears.”

well, I think I have a different problem as I already added the email linked to my contributions after deleting it and still the badge didn’t appear. Do you suggest that I delete the email and re-add it again?

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yup, try that too,

what else can you remember before losing the badge? that might help in case you it will not appear after re-adding

Unfortunately, after deleting,adding and verifying the email. Nothing happened. I also set the email as my primary email still to no avail. :cry: I don’t remember anything that caught my attention. everything was fine until the email was accidentally deleted

The commits associated with those PRs aren’t associated with any GitHub accounts. (if it was, you’d be able to click on the username associated with the commit, and you can’t).

If you visit the commit url with .patch attached, you can see the email address associated with the commit.

for example:


Thank you. I was adding the wrong email. after adding the correct email associated with my contributions, the badge appeared.

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