Lost my recovery code and 2FA , please help in recovering my account

I have lost my recovery code and 2FA of the main account, I have contacted the GitHub support team but no reply so far, please help in recovering my main account.

username - harshsri28
ticket - 1461252

Harsh Srivastava

Hi @harshs2807 ! I’m sorry you have lost access to your account. Contacting Support is the best course of action here, and you seem to already have done that. On the forum, we can never help out with personal account issues or speed up the hard-working GitHub support team. Hang tight, you will get a reply soon.

but it’s been a week, I haven’t received any mail! @github-support

If you’ve got a ticket ID, which you seem to have mentioned in your first post, your email arrived and you’ll get a reply.

The entire point of 2FA is protecting your account. If recoveries were instant, fast or easy there would be no point in having 2FA at all. The docs as well as prompts during set-up provide plenty of guidelines which should prevent lockout. For now, please be patient: hard-working Support staff will reach out to help you regain access to your account.

Same here, I hope they’ll reach to me soon :slightly_frowning_face:

username: naryal2580
ticket: 1466246

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I have discovered that there are many ways that hackers can bypass the password of many accounts. And when they can do that, they also bypass the accounts 2FA requirements as well with a process called cross hacking. The cross app feature was created as a security measure, just like 2FA, however the creation of those features have further jeapordized the safety and security of many accounts from Facebook to Google to even financial accounts. And once the hacker has bypassed all those measures, once inside your account they can change your password, your recovery information, your 2FA required information, and all other means of recovery options. Usually they change that information by changing one letter or one number. And that causes the security systems of those programs or apps to sense something was very wrong and bogs down processes or simply causes your account to be disabled. If there’s no live chat support to help fix it for you, THE HACKER WINS, THEY KEEP YOUR ACCOUNTS, STEALS YOUR MONEY, DOES ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN OR ON YOUR NAME, AND YOU GET BLAMED

@AdorkableMJ thanks for your contribution. It doesn’t actively help this discussion though and mainly causes unnecessary fear. The situation you’re suggesting involves there being an exploitable bug in GitHubs’ systems - and there currently is no reason to believe there is. GitHub accounts are secure by default, and even more secure with 2FA. There is no universal way a hacker can bypass this.

I’m not saying it is an explanation to GitHub but a very real possibility. I’m sorry though, I’ll refràin from suggestions any further but know the answer I provided was very real with what I’ve been forced to handle. And the worst part is, my phone company provider, Google, nor Facebook could see the hackers doing that to me either. No current evidence to say that either, but then how does one explain 8 lost Gmail accounts and even more Facebook accounts when I had the correct 2FA information that I provided upon setting up the 2FA ON ALL THE ACCOUNTS I’VE LOST

And youre correct about they’re dont have any universal way, it’s a layered attack and takes some personal knowledge but please don’t tell me that it doesn’t or can’t happen in the very way I described it because I figured it out that way when I had to hack my own accounts to regain access to them.

It is a very real thing I was talking about. And maybe if more people were knowledgeable about it then hackers would lose this manner to be able to do such things…

Hi there :wave:

As @mpboom has mentioned, Accounts related questions around 2FA, and others, are best discussed directly with GitHub Support in a private ticket.

The active discussion around the legitimacy, or effectiveness of certain identity management and security offerings in general, does not help to forward the issue being presented here. Being: locked out of an account.

As such, I’m going to close out this topic, and want to reiterate that Accounts questions requiring an action by GitHub Staff, require a ticket and cannot be resolved publicly.

Be well.