Lost my contributions after archiving my old shcool work repos

Hi, I have recently discover that repository can be archived, and decide to archive my old school related works one to make thing more clear on my repository page.
I’ve read the warning that come along the repository when you are on the archiving process, but they didn’t mentions a lost of contributions in any way.
Unfortunately, when i went to my github page this morning, saw my contribution dopped. Indeed, It seems that i lose 200 contribution on my profile as my readme.md shows:

Seems to has affect recent commit but also old one, and even 30 commit in a single day.
I read again the contribution requirements and as far as I know, i meet all needed one:

  • The email address used for the commits is associated with your GitHub account.
  • The commits were made in a standalone repository, not a fork.
  • The commits were made in master / gh-pages
  • I own the repository

Not to discount the issue but for my two cents counting commits is about as helpful as counting lines of code.

It doesn’t give any real indication of effort or quality.

Anyway I get being a stats junky, or being disappointed with the documentation.