Lost functionality

Hi. I made two repos so far. Both of them have the same problems. Some pictures do not show. I checked the html for the path and that seems ok. Locally it runs just fine. What can I do about this?
Also the dropdown in the navbar doesn’t work anymore. How can I fix this?

So, I found out the problem was the path after all. Wrote png instead of PNG. My other problem remains. There is no functionality. How can I make it work?

Hi @AnniekDev, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Can you post a link to your site and the repository that hosts it so we can have a look at what might be going wrong?

Is this the link you need?


Yep, that’ll do, thanks! It looks like there’s an error in the developer console when visiting your site where the bootstrap javascript file isn’t loading. This is likely because Jekyll is still enabled for your site meaning the node_modules folder isn’t being included when your site is deployed.

To stop this you’ll need to create an empty file in the root of your repository called .nojekyll. This will disable Jekyll for your site and should mean that the node_modules folder is included correctly.

Alternatively you could include boostrap by using a hosted version from a CDN instead of a locally installed version. There’s instructions on how to do that on this page:

Thank you so much! First option worked for me!