Lost contributions after changing primary Email address

So I changed my primary email address and made my email public.
And now, I’ve lost about 70 contributions which has harmed my metrics. Is there any way to get it back? And please tell me what is causing the problem.

Howdy @aprakash7, welcome the commuity! I’m sorry to hear about your contributions going missing! You’re more likely to get a useful response if you are posting your question(s) in the applicable category so I’ve gone ahead and moved it to GitHub Account Questions for you. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply kaeitc. It is really disappointing that I lost my contribs like this and I hope I get them back somehow because it serves as my portfolio.

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Maybe this post can lead you in the right direction? I know the struggles of losing contributions you’ve worked on so hopefully this can help! :cry:

just add the email even unverified if you already don’t have the access to that email, and as long as no one is using it, all of those commits will be restored, it’s my personal experience too

@aprakash7 hi there :wave: were you able to achieve a resolution here?

This is the most common solution I found while exploring, and no it didn’t work me unfortunately.

Hi liligante,
No I did not :confused: . This is so frustrating as github is crucial for my work and I can’t seem to get my contributions back. I did open a ticket and they are looking to solve the problem as well.

just curious why it did not fix the problem ? if you can elaborate more, others might have the same situation that cannot be fixed by a simple re-adding of the email, so this might help them too,

all commits are linked to a specific email, not the GitHub Profile, if you remove a certain email and there are commits linked to that, even the GitHub Arctic Badge, it will be lost, but re-adding it will simply fix it,

all of the past posts similar to this were fixed by simply adding the email again, verified or not

Okay @jdevstatic , I will elaborate the whole problem to you. but first of all, thanks for replying :smiley:
So I wanted to make my mail-id public for professional reasons, and since it was private it was something like +[numbers]…@users.noreply.github.com yeah you get it.

Then when i made it public, it changed to my original mail-id and that’s when it happened. I lost a lot of my contributions on the graph. There are still a lot of commits in my repos, for example this where if you see i have made contributions on April 4, 2022 but it says they are all unverified and hence (im assuming) do not appear on the graph.

Like this I have another one where there are a few verified commits and a few unverified. And the unverified commits are not visible in the graph.

I also tried changing back to private but that didn’t work. And I’m stuck here now.

I know Im 3 days late to this thread but I really hope you see this, thanks :slight_smile:

the unverified is another thing

but the repo you’re referring to is a fork, commits will not be counted even if it’s verified


what other commits you think is related to the problem ? maybe we can take a look too,

because it might happen that you might think it’s related to that changing of email when it’s not, like this one, the commits were made in the fork