Lost acces to corporate e-mail, lost GH attribution

For several years I’ve been signing my commits with the company e-mail (instead of the personal one). I had both e-mail addresses linked to my GitHub account though.

When I was let go, I lost access to the company e-mail so I unbound that address from my account.

I was surprised to see that several UI components on GitHub use the e-mail on the commit instead enriching the information with the GitHub account/user. For example, I am the number 1 contributor in Contributors to lagom/lagom · GitHub but I am no longer listed as #1. Only in some cached versions of the page I am listed as #1 (see the snapshots comparing Chrome and Firefox in GitHub - ignasi35/public-snapshots).

the Contributors page is an example but there are several other widgets where I no longer appear. That has a rather big impact on my resume/visibility.

What options do I have?

I did some more googling and found Loosing all contributions by changing primary email address of github account - #4 by ammoniya.

TL;DR: adding the e-mail address back on my profile (it doesn’t have to the primary e-mail address or even verified) solves the issue.

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