Losing the pointermove event in installed PWA

The following problem: I have built a Blazor app where you can move around elements. To do this I use the events ‘pointerdown’, ‘pointermove’ and ‘pointerup’.

It works on all platforms except the PWA variant on IPadOS 14.0 Safari.

The incorrect behavior occurs on several IPads, including an IPad 8th Generation, IPad 3rd Generatio and IPad Pro,

After that I built a demo application in which the same error occurs and can be reproduced.

To reproduce the error, you must try to move one of the elements (green, blue, purple) directly.

If you hold one of the elements for 500ms beforehand, the error does not occur and the selected element can be moved without problems.

The link to the demo app is

The link to the repository is