Looking for people to code with!


Im new to GitHub Community and I would like to advertise myself here.

I started project of operating system for course of OS/Dev and Im looking for some programmers, that can help me with it. It’s 32bit OS in C and NASM Assembly, but I’ve got some another projects on my GitHub profile too,

so everyone can find something interesting!



Also, Im looking for projects to contribute!

Waiting for answers!



i am more than intereting to have a discussion with you regarding the projects you have.

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Hello, I to am looking for some people to network and learn with!

Hi there!

Sorry for late answer. I forgot about this post, it was a year ago. Go to StrayexOS repo and join Discord server, if you want to contact me.


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Wow, sorry @straykerpl it has been a long time and I too have been so busy. I don’t ever really check my notifications really. How is everything going after all? I am still looking to network with a few people or at least take references and ideas?

Hi @squirrel1489
I’m here, just go to Discord server provided in repo, if you want to contact me, I will be back at normal work over my brand in May.