Looking for newbie forum for markdown syntax ??

I’m trying to add readme.md documents to each of my various Github projects. I’ve been looking at a variety of reference pages, but basic syntax doesn’t seem to be working the way the references say it should. Are there forums somewhere, where I can ask questions about beginner’s issues, such as why things don’t work the way the documents say they should??

Hi @derelllicht,

We’d be happy to help you with those questions in these forums. Can you elaborate of the formatting problems that you’re experiencing?



Thanks for the response… I found answers to the couple of beginner questions that I had, so no problem now…
I’m just a little antsy because I’ve tried posting beginner questions on some other forums recently (not necessarily markdown-related), and had decidedly un-supportive response, so was trying to sort of pre-test the waters!!

I’ll come here with other questions in the future…
Thank you again…


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You are very  very welcome to ask beginner questions here! I’m glad you were able to find answers to your questions. We’re here when you have more!

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