Looking for help with PL documentation

Hello community,

I am looking for volunteers who enjoy working with English texts. I have a personal programming language project that is intended to compete with Python, PHP, Ruby, Common Lisp, and Scheme, but whose implementation fits in only 10KLOC in C++. The documentation is nearly 50% complete and the implementation is nearly 99% complete. The documentation consists mainly of a complete language specification and a tutorial. It is in Markdown format (uses Jekyll) and thus, it is completely collaboration-ready. It is a challenging but inspiring technical writing endeavor. I am not a native English-speaker but can write quite well. However, it might be more difficult for me than for other persons and I need help with proofreading, editing, suggestions as to the general structure…

WebSite: https://manool.org

Publishing branch: https://github.com/rusini/manool/tree/gh-pages

(currently I am migrating more content from an old Open-Office document)

E-mail: info@manool.org


Hi Rusini, 

I’m willing to help you with documentation. I am not a programmer so I’d likely need some guidance. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks. 

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Thank you for your reply. Please drop me a line to info@manool.org so we could discuss it.

Of course, it would be great! I could provide you with guidance (so I myself could understand better the thing :slight_smile: In turn, you could help me with English and documentation structure.

For example, right know I am struggling with articles usage in the following paragraph:

“This specification introduces the concept of a fictional device implementing MANOOL, called the abstract machine, and in a few occasions its structure and behavior are discussed explicitly. This is for illustration purposes only; by no means this specification places requirements on either structure or internal mode of operation of conforming implementations, which instead are to emulate the observable behavior of the abstract machine. This in practice extends to its asymptotic complexity characteristics whenever such characteristics are explicitly specified.”

I know a lot of theory and have had a lot of practice, but still it is not an automated skill for me…

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Hi Rusini,

Are you still looking for help with documentation for this project? I am not a programmer but am interested in working on my technical writing skills.