Looking for help on a spec.


I am currently looking for some people to help and contribute to a project I am working on, I am trying to write a specification for IPv8. I am currently trying to make it RFC complient so it can be submitted and reviewed. This specification has a chance of becoming a major, new part of the internet and I am unable to do this myself.

You can check it out and help me out over at: https://github.com/IPv8/spec



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If you want to publish an RFC with the IETF, then you should definitely look into ways to get involved with the IETF!


Thats the problem @cleancut, before I even try to get in contact with them, I should have a draft a least for the specification. I need help with making the draft, unless there is a way for them to help me out with it. What do you think?

You are definitely wise to seek help!  The best work often happens out in the open with groups of people working together to help each other!

My personal belief is that the IETF would be one of the best sources for places for you to go to find like-minded people to work on this sort of thing!  This forum is oriented towards helping people use GitHub effectively as a tool to manage their projects. Because of that focus, it is less likely that you will find as many people here interested in developing networking protocols than in a large open international community of network designers.

If you wait until you have a perfectly finished product before revealing it, you are unlikely to ever finish it!  If you are willing to communicate politely and respectfully, and to listen and take into account feedback you get from others, you can have a great experience collaborating with others on great ideas that you have. As they say, release early, release often!

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I was unable to figure out how to use the site to post the project and get help, could you help me out and give me a link to the place where I can post for help?