Looking for help for LenMus project

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for any help with the LenMus project. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have much experience, we are all here for learning, enjoying, helping others and making a great open and free project! You are WELCOME :slight_smile:

LenMus is a free open source program (GPL v3) that I started in 2002 for learning music and practising aural training. It allows you to focus on specific skills and exercises, on both theory and aural training. The different activities can be customized to meet your needs. It:

  • Provides an architecture for full integration of texts, scores and exercises.
  • Includes automatic exercise generators and automatic composer of scores. The exercises are never repeated.
  • Has worldwide diffusion, with downloads from more than 136 countries. Currently more than 400 downloads / week.
  • It was one of the three music programs that, in 2010, the Australian government included the laptops given at schools to all ten-year-old children (The ‘Digital Education Revolution’ project)
  • Currently translated into 10 languages, including Chinese.
  • Implements teaching algorithms (Leitner method) to optimize student time.

Project website: http://www.lenmus.org/
Project repositories: https://github.com/lenmus/lenmus

In 2012, as I was alone in the project and I could not do all by myself (programming, documentation, website, writing music books, designing music exercises, …) I stopped development and froze the project. Since then, only maintenance has been done. But LenMus still has a lot of downloads and I get requests for more exercises and features.

Recently, a group of professors, from the Department of Music Pedagogy at the University of Cádiz, Spain, who use LenMus with their students, contacted me to collaborate in the project in the musical direction of LenMus and to help in those tasks where, as musicians and pedagogues, they are experts, such as writing music eBooks, designing exercises and organizing the syllabus.

But these plans to re-launch LenMus and make it a great application, free and open, cannot be carried out without developers and collaborators that contribute to the project. This is not a commercial project and we have no interest on that. We are all here for learning, enjoying, helping others to learn music and making a great open and free project.

The LenMus application is complex and all the code related to the layout and rendering of documents and scores is developed entirely within the project and is in a separate library (the Lomse library - Lenmus Open Music Score Editor -). This library (http://lenmus.github.io/lomse/:slight_smile: ):

  • Can be used in any other project.
  • It is distributed under a BSD license, to facilitate its use for commercial purposes.
  • It is mostly developed using TDD (Test Driven Design) methodology. Currently includes more than 1700 automated tests. Also automated visual regression tests in place for checking the layout of music scores.

As it takes time to get familiar with the code-base, I will help you to start and to chose tasks to do according to your interests and available time. Also, I will be always there for helping on anything, solving doubts or commenting thinks.

If you would like to contribute/find out more, please drop me a message at s.cecilio@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

Here you can find some more details:

Development is in C++, and for the GUI the wxWidgets framework is used. There is an experimental port to Qt for targeting the Android platform. All development and documentation is in English. Currently there are more than 250,000 lines of C ++ code. I need help with anything and any area:

  • LenMus app: GUI, music exercises, music scores editor, …
  • Lomse library: music internal models, parsers, graphic engine, music layout, music playback, MIDI, fonts configuration and rendering, API design, edition commands, software engineering, …
  • Translation tools: scripts, tools chain
  • Website maintenance and improvement
  • Package maintainers.
  • Urgent: macOS package. I distribute Windows 10 and Linux packages. But many people is asking for a macOS version and I have neither experience in building for macOS nor do I have a Mac.

Thank you!
Cecilio Salmeron

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