Looking for general feedback on my first node app...


I just recently completed Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy. As part of the course you build a node app called “YelpCamp”. I decided to create a YelpCamp spinoff of sorts using what I learned. I just finished up the first version and would love some feedback.

My app is called “VistaMaps”, it’s essentially a tool for sharing and finding scenic viewpoints. You can upload “vistas” - each of which contains a photograph, location, description, directions, rating, etc. As of now it’s more or less just a portfolio of photographs I’ve taken haha. That being said, I plan on making improvements as I further my development skills.



   - the course was released in 2016 so the javascript syntax is outdated

   - curious about ways I can simplify my CSS

   - as of now the styles are designed for desktop viewing only

Things I plan on doing in the future:

   - redesign for mobile/tablet compatibility

   - allow for multiple vista images

   - edit user info + avatar picture upload

   - rebuild using react

   - yelp style search functionality (rating, category, map area, etc)

Thank you!

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