Looking for feedback on my ideas.

So I’ve been doing web development off and on for the last few years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really dont like trying to use things like Bootstrap or even jQuery, but that means I have to get serious about responsive design techniques if I want to do anything even slightly complex or large scale with more than 1 or 2 pages.

So, having loads of free time since being done with college after last semester, I dove into the latest iteration of focus spent on this hobby of mine. Where I left off I had been working with a certain JS API (GSAP) to do some pretty cool animated effects, but at the time I was pretty overwhelmed and looking back at that code is pretty painful (lol). So I decided to pick up where I left off, and redo the project the right way. Than I had an idea. I had been getting into OO for the last year maybe, so naturally I turned my old project into a class so I could just create the fancy animation stuff I wanted in any page with just a few extra lines at the bottom.

I had pretty good results with that, and then started kicking around the idea of building a whole suite of JS classes to do interesting things, e.g. 3D animated rotating cube, image/summary popups for links, 3D carousel, responsive interactive navigation etc. I would also elminate the need to set your own CSS on everything but the top level container for whatever object is being created/manipulated such that everything inside that container would automatically adjust to whatever settings a user would give to that top level container.

So do you think this is a worthwhile project beyond my own practice? Am I reinventing too many wheels? Is trying to do so much with JS that could be handled in the HTML/CSS likely to cause poor performance?

Thanks in advance, I’m excited to hear thoughts!

As long as your end goal for your project isn’t too unrealistic and you don’t jump around in difficulty when it comes to making it, yes you can work from the way up skill-wise on a project. I learned a lot about HTML, JS, and CSS from making my Github page, and I soon plan on porting it over to my server to use PHP.