Looking for Discord Bot Devs

    I have a bot named Nova for discord, it is made in node.js. I would like to have other devs to work with to expand this bot to its full potential. I would like for us to work together to make the bot run fast, smooth, and, maybe an rpg system similar to Discord Dungeons. 

Thanks, Alex

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Hi @al3xpi,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! Is this project in a public repo on GitHub? If so, if you share the link, you might be more likely to receive more collaborators on it from this thread. 

Best of luck to you!

What is your discord username so we can speak there.
mine is Ziro#1151

Hey there, I am willing to help and learn, I tried it myself last week and it was just all over the place for me lol, I think I will work better with other people to learn and get ideas from.

I tried to add you and it could not find you, is your spelling or # correct?

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Sorry, I recently got nitro and changed my discriminator it is now Ziro#0003

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Still looking for help?