Looking for contributors for my open-source - pure CSS/HTML Framework

Hello everyone!

I am looking for contributors for my open source -pure CSS Framework that I develop after work for 3-4 years.

I work as frontend develop since the last 10year.
When I start my ideal was to group a good approach of CSS and HTML - after that it was become a huge project and start to be framework.

My idea is to create all of the component without any line of JS. I know that is crazy - but the most case it works fine. Next step of my idea is to apply to support as React.

Now trying to find some help to get organize open-source-community right, develop new features, testing, bug-fix and write documentation (I have domain in .io with base docs). Framework now has 1 (one) commercial use on my work.

Project has all need features to called it framework (grid system with gutters, tooltips, modals, popups, tabs, buttons, table, forms … and more )

You can find it on: https://github.com/formir/formir
I will be grateful for any help, advice or complaint.

Thanks for your attention, best wishes!

I dont have much expertiese, but I am good at finding and solving issues, I have been trying to learn on my own and getting no where, that’s why I am here to meet new people and see if it takes me on the path I need to be on.