Looking for another beginners just like me to learn how to code in a team

Hi all, Here I’m currently working at simple recursive decent basic interpreter in python  as my self-learning project. I just want to taste a team coding, so any contributors  are welcome! 

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Hey there! I would like to join.

I’d like to help too!

I’m a life-long beginner :smileyvery-happy:

How did you get your hands on a ZX Spectrum?

Hy, @divya063, welcome to the project, are you familiar with Git and Python or need a guidance?

Please welcome, @redknitin, are you familiar with Python and Git?

ZX Spectrum was my very first computer when I was a kid))

Thank’s for you feedback, guys, everybody is welcome. For those who want’s to participate please fork the repository, create your branch, commit changes and make a pool request - after you’ll create it we would be able to chat in the comments and discuss the project. Also please check the TODO.list file in order to see what are the current tasks to do. You may start contributing by executing those tasks. I would merge successful solutions into the master branch. You can also share your ideas after creating pool requests to make the project better. Everybody would be heard.  If you don’t know how to do the above stuff, please try to google it or just let me know.

I’ve created a pull request myself for those of you who seriously intended to participate, so you’d be able to leave your comments directly in the project here

Hey, I’m familiar with git and python

I worked with a web application using Django briefly, and wrote some integration scripts with Python. I used Git for pushing code into branches and merging. Perhaps in future, I’ll learn how to setup hooks and run scripts against Git repositories.

I’ve only heard of the ZX Spectrum but have never actually seen one. My first computer was an ALR Dart 12 powered by an Intel 80286. Intel has been in existence for longer than I have, and every computer that I ever got had an Intel processor! :dizzy_face:

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Pefect! @divya063 can you fork the the project and make the calc class able to work with decimal numbers and ignore spaces in the expression, which is passed as an agument?

@redknitin, you can fork the the project

 and check out TODO.list to find what to do. Currently I’m working at interpreter’s main loop, it would appear soon in the master. IDE part of gui is currently more or less completed, but we would also need an execution window class to display the program’s output. This window must have a Tkinter canvas layout in order to be able work with graphics (original ZX Spectrum could do that beleive it or not). For now this is a major task.

Hey there,

I would also like to join this group if there is still room for more joiners! I look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully working with you.


Hi! I would like to join!

Thank you so much

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I am happy to put the work in I’m a complete novice could do with a bit of guidance and you wouldn’t regret it once I’m on it. I’m on it. I’m Dan btw haha

for chat now


Thank you so much


for chat now


Thank you so much

comment now

Just starting back. Have degree in Information systems from UT-Arlington

Dont know Python but what is it based on?
I studied Visual Basic COBOL

Me 2. Degree but no experience.
Visual basic ,COBOL