Looking for an example project that successfully builds a PowerShell module using Actions

Hi I am building several PowerShell modules (in their own separate repos) and having diffculty getting Pester to run successfully in a Azure pipline. I am looking to alternatives, such as Github actions. Are there any other existing repos which are PowerShell modules that are built in Github actions which also runs tests using Pester. I currently have a working build stream based upon Invoke-Build that works on a local machine that I hope to leverage in a Github actions workflow. Becasue of the difficulties I have had in Azure, I would like to start from a clean slate and see how another project is doing this on GH actions.


Here I have an example workflow to build a simple Powershell Module, maybe you can consider it as a reference:

About test the module with Pester, you can try to using the ‘pester-tests-report’ action.