Looking for ACTIVE projects in C++, Ruby, Java, or graphical interface stuff

Hello everyone,

As the subject matter points. I’m looking for projects that are ongoing or just starting in C++, Ruby, Java, or have a graphical interface nitch that need to be worked on and/or created. 

This isn’t for me, but the person I’m asking for has a masters in computer science. He’s a bit unsure of himself. You don’t have to worry about paying him, I will take care of that. 

What I’m offering:  free labor for a month of work. The work must be quantafiable and have a goal to be reached in one of the four options listed above. I don’t want to make it too hard for this person, but I want the work to have meaning that could gain him some traction in the market. I also want this to be sort of a foot in the door into actually collaborating with others in a group. I don’t think this person has done much of that, I find universities fail at this in upper level learning material so I want this to be a very netted deal. This person must learn to work as a part of a team. I want this person to be part of a team that has a goal to reach by the end of the month or so. I’d want him to ideally chime in every few days or so throughout the month. It wouldn’t have to be daily because he’s got other things going on. I just want him to make progress in his portfolio. Ideally, if the goal is reached, I’d want him to work on more challenging problems that need to be addressed so the portfolio could grow more meaningful.

If anyone has links to projects or will come to me with sort of a paragraph (even 2 sentences like this "Project C++: [sentence 1] [sentence 2]) of what they could offer I would be grateful. Anything helps at this point. I’m just trying to harvest projects that are ongoing right now. That could be another thing, if you know of any boards that have ongoing projects pinned, could you post the link in a reply to this thread? Again, anything helps!

Hope to hear from you!