Looking for a researcher in urban planning and computing

Societat Orgànica (www.societatorganica.com/en), an environmental consultancy based in Barcelona, calls PhDs and expert researchers for a joint apply (researcher + project of common interest + company) to the international talent program TecnioSpring Industry (http://catalonia.com/innovate-in-catalonia/tecniospringplus/tecniospringdescription.jsp)

People with experience in urban planning, urban design and definition of outdoor spaces are sought. All this must be linked to modeling and analysis of sustainability using computer tools.

The person selected must draft, in collaboration to the company, a common interest project. It will be oriented towards the development of innovative consultancy services in parametric design and sustainability evaluation at urban, neighbourhood, group of buildings and outdoor spaces to be presented to TecnioSpring Industry (deadline 16 November 2020).