Looking for a GH Action to update a changelog.md file from a new release

A project I’m contributing towards is currently using release-drafter/release-drafter to create and update releases for final publication.

The only thing we currently struggle with is maintaining a CHANGELOG.md file with the latest changes.

Would it be possible to setup another action to automatically update the changelog file with the latest info from the release?
The changelog should keep the previous releases and the new one should be added on top of the file.

Looking through the Marketplace gave me a lot of actions available, but I’m not sure which one would be a good option to use, or if it is even worth to use one and not setup something own.

While I haven’t used this myself, I believe this will provide you with the functionality you’re looking for: Update Changelog · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub. The Update CHANGELOG.md Action uses the “keep a changelog format” and should allow for any customizations you might want to make. You can checkout the repo here: GitHub - vemel/update-changelog.

Idk. Seems unmaintained as there are PRs from 2020 that aren’t merged yet.