Longer code on GitHub loads slow and freezes Chrome Mobile, is it something wrong on my end?

My main phone is a Samsung Note9, it’s not that old and usually runs things well. Unfortunately browsing source code is not viable on Chrome Mobile in this phone, since it often freezes the browser.

This doesn’t happen on Firefox Mobile (I use Firefox Nightly). I can reproduce this in 5 different Android Phones with Chrome Mobile - all from 2018-2020.

Is there any chance to fix this on GitHub side?

I am able to view and edit big files on GitHub on Samsung Galaxy J4 and J7 using Chrome without any problem.

Can you try a code that has more than 8 contributors? I am not sure if it needs this on top of code size to trigger but I still have it.

It has certainly got better over time (this used to be more severe) but it still happens, and it loads blazingly fast on Firefox Nightly. I just find weird that it makes my Chrome sluggish until it loads - I can’t even change screen or hit home until this load happens. I am reporting because I noticed the small improvements lately so it seems to be on the right track.

Conversely, my company firewall on desktop makes the commit messages never load - they are a gray rectangle when I am in that network.

This is a common issue with Chrome and complex, long pages. Pretty much the only way GitHub could avoid it is to give a raw view with no syntax highlighting or line numbers.

In other words, it’s a Chrome performance bug.


Thanks for confirming it.

I will keep using Firefox for GitHub on mobile for now.