Long running job ends and logs 3319

I have a long running job (~10min).  It appears that over some amount of time it logs 3319 then hangs.  This is not in my code, the same command works locally and if I lessen the workload it works.  Could this be a timeout on the job?

Hey @wesleytodd

Thanks for being here, this very well could be it. However, I think the best way to help troubleshoot this would be for you to please send us the full output of your logs.

That should help us investigate the issue. Also, please make sure you mask any sensitive information like OAuth tokens and Authorization headers. Please send the output to https://github.com/contact. And include a link to this thread to give support some background on the ticket.

I didn’t post a link because on PR’s the history of a job run is not shown.  I submitted a support ticket with a link to the project with the hope that someone on your side can view the job history.  Thanks for the reply.